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Wes Montgomery – The King of Octaves

This has been the summer of Wes Montgomery for me and my guitar style. I recently was reminded of his great album with B3 master Jimmy Smith, Jimmy & Wes The Dynamic Duo. It inspired me to go order this CD, which I’d heard on vinyl years ago but never bought before. I picked up my […]

Are You Learning Or Just Copying?

Spending as much time as I do – enjoyable time, to be sure – transcribing and playing along with the solos by my musical idols of the moment, I sometimes have to stop and question whether I am making the best use of the (unfortunately) limited time I have for practicing. To begin with, there […]

Convert .aac Files To .mp3 In Order To Drag Into SlowGold

By default, Apple iTunes imports files in AAC file formats. If you try to drag one of these files into SlowGold, you will get a stop sign that says you can’t do this. This can be fixed by using iTunes itself to make an mp3 copy of the file – just follow the instructions that we’ve […]

Practice Tips: Pushing past your physical limits

Suppose you have a melodic phrase (or any other kind of passage) that you’re trying to learn that is giving you trouble. I’ve encountered plenty of these transcribing Django Reinhardt guitar parts with SlowGold. Figuring out what notes he’s playing is only half the battle for me – the man just plays so darn fast. […]

Using iTunes to Convert Audio Formats

Sometimes you have a .wav or .aiff file, and you want it in .mp3 format. SlowGold, for instance, exports audio in these formats if you choose to save a slowed-down song or a segment of such a song. SlowGold does not, however, write mp3 files because of the prohibitive license costs for doing this directly […]