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What really inspires you to play music?

For many of us, it’s hearing something amazing on a recording and wanting to play something like that – to understand the parts of that amazingness and how we might apply licks, concepts, or variations of something great in our own playing, and maybe move a bit closer to amazingness ourselves.

The first step is being able to focus in with this “music microscope” that lets you hear everything clearly at very slow speeds, and play along with the recording, or transcribe, at your own speed. That’s what SlowGold is for.

SlowGold is a program for Windows PCs

that allows you to radically slow down music and loop music without changing the pitch.

Supports .mp3, .flac, .aif, .aiff, .wav, .wave formats.

Great Reasons To Try
SlowGold Today!

SlowGold is a slow down program to let you:

  1. Change the pitch and speed on backing tracks to fit your needs
  2. Master solos by playing along with segments at slow speeds
  3. Figure out the chords and arrangements of your favorite songs

Why wait to check out this amazing tool?

What is the World
Wide Woodshed?

The World Wide Woodshed is dedicated to helping you make the best, most enjoyable, most productive use of your precious practicing time and effort. We have been providing SlowGold to a dedicated community of musicians since 1998, and have always stood solidly behind our product. Welcome to the World Wide Woodshed, where practicing is a pleasure.