Hi! I’m Warren Sirota, and I’ve been a writer and programmer in the music world for quite a while. I’ve written about music and music gear for Guitar Player, Electronic Musician, Musician, BAM, Multimedia World and many other publications. I’m also the author of SlowGold, the Woodshed’s flagship product and the editor of this Woodsheddin’ blog.

I play a lot of guitar (and have been doing so for over 30 years), yet I’m always trying to learn how to play better. Sometimes improvement is accomplished through physical exercises, but just as often through listening, transcription, study and ear-training. After all, it’s one thing to have fast fingers, but an entirely different thing to give them something worthwhile to play.

A Site For Beginning Guitarists and Uke-ists (Ukelists? Ukelelists?)

Hi, I know a lot of the posts here on slowgold.com are for kind of advanced players, but if you’re kind of new to the  world of guitars (or ukuleles), let me commend you to https://coustii.com, where you will find a lot of information geared to you: How to pick an instrument, basic chords, some easy […]

Fix For Windows Setting Issue: SlowGold 8 Improperly Pitch-Shifts Playback Under Windows

If SlowGold 8 plays audio at too high a speed, even if Transform is unchecked, this is due to a Windows setting. The easiest way to fix this is the following, which will work on many systems: Open SlowGold, and, under the Audio menu, choose Preferences. If there is a “DirectSound” choice available for “audio […]

Practice Tips: Pushing past your physical limits

Suppose you have a melodic phrase (or any other kind of passage) that you’re trying to learn that is giving you trouble. I’ve encountered plenty of these transcribing Django Reinhardt guitar parts with SlowGold. Figuring out what notes he’s playing is only half the battle for me – the man just plays so darn fast. […]

Using iTunes to Convert Audio Formats

Sometimes you have a .wav or .aiff file, and you want it in .mp3 format. SlowGold, for instance, exports audio in these formats if you choose to save a slowed-down song or a segment of such a song. SlowGold does not, however, write mp3 files because of the prohibitive license costs for doing this directly […]

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