Fix For Windows Setting Issue: SlowGold 8 Improperly Pitch-Shifts Playback Under Windows

If SlowGold 8 plays audio at too high a speed, even if Transform is unchecked, this is due to a Windows setting.

The easiest way to fix this is the following, which will work on many systems:

Open SlowGold, and, under the Audio menu, choose Preferences. If there is a “DirectSound” choice available for “audio device type”, choosing that may fix the problem . If not you might be able to choose “Advanced Settings” and experiment with the “sample rate” drop-down – try changing it to 44100 Hz, as shown in the following diagram:


If that doesn’t work, try the following:

First close SlowGold. Then go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Sound and right-click the device you’re listening on (in the Windows 7 image below, that’s “Speakers/Headphones”). Select Properties, and choose the Advanced tab. Under Default Format, you probably have 48000 Hz selected.

Change the setting in the dropdown to 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality), and then click the Apply or OK button at the bottom of the dialog. When you restart SlowGold, playback should be normal.

Using iTunes to Convert Audio Formats

Sometimes you have a .wav or .aiff file, and you want it in .mp3 format. SlowGold, for instance, exports audio in these formats if you choose to save a slowed-down song or a segment of such a song. SlowGold does not, however, write mp3 files because of the prohibitive license costs for doing this directly (it reads and plays mp3s perfectly well, of course).

Apple, however, is not constrained the way we are when it comes to mp3 writing, and iTunes can convert between formats, although the functionality is somewhat hidden.

The current instructions for the conversions are at Enjoy!